Films and Videos

Commercial promo video produced, shot & edited by Cristina Kotz Cornejo ( and gifted to Crossfit Jeffries Point. 
Produced, Directed & Edited by Cristina Kotz Cornejo 
Photographed by Shun Liang & Cristina Kotz Cornejo 
Edited by Cristina Kotz Cornejo 
Color Correction & Titles by Shun Liang 
"To Intimidate" written by Andy Kotz (ASCAP) of AKMusic Productions.

My submission in the 2017 Indie Gathering Film Scoring Competition (which wasn't a film scoring contest but rather a film trailer scoring contest!) for the film trailer to the independent film "Roman Citizen".

My winning entry which included ALL the sound design and music (dialogue track provided) for the 2017  film trailer scoring competition put on by the Horror Hotel chapter of The Indie Gathering Film Festival, an annual film festival held in June in Hudson, Ohio. Great fun and thank you Kristina Michelle!!!