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New film with Crashdown Productions... 

Completed another short-film competition where I did the music and sound design for. This little film was done by Crashdown Productions and called "A Rocket Story". It was done for the Four Points Film Project held on November 10-13, 2017.

We've been informed of a public screening on January 21st at the Woodbury 10 Theatre (Woodbury, MN). Distant Calling Pictures will be showing five of their own films, along with a special appearance of the Director's Cut of Crashdown Productions' "A Rocket Story"!



Two Film Trailer Scoring Competitions 

I forgot to post these two competitions that were held this past year. Both of the competitions were affiliated with the Indie Gathering Film Festival held in Ohio every year. I entered the 2017 "Horror Hotel" and "Indie Gathering Film Scoring" contests. Kind of misleading in that there's no film scoring taking place... you're just composing music for a film trailer.

I received "winner" laurels for both competitions but failed to actually win!

Here's a link to the Horror Hotel "Dark Resonance" trailer where I did all the sound design AND music: Dark Resonance film trailer

Here's a link to the Indie Gathering film trailer for the film "Roman Citizen" where I also did all the sound design AND music: Roman Citizen film trailer


Minneapolis 48 Hour Film Project 

Crashdown Productions 

June 9, 2017 

Last night we had our official All Team Meeting for the Minneapolis 48 Hour Film Project. At the end, we had our annual team photo, and it turned out to be one of our largest yet, and that's with a few folks absent! 

We can't describe just how excited we are to work together. While we don't know what kind of film the weekend will yield, we here at Crashdown know that with a group of talented, fun and just plain weird folks like this that the results will be truly special.

Music for Film: Working with a Composer 

Music for Film: Working with a Composer

June 1 @ 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm




When does a film need music? How do you determine musical concept for your film? How do you choose a composer? How do you communicate effectively with your composer? How much should a filmmaker budget for music? Professional composers and film directors will address these questions and a number of issues pertaining to music in film. 

Topics include how to talk music with non music people, managing expectations when it comes to music, and what sort of technical things need to happen in order for a recording to end up in a film. Also covered: the legal issues in hiring a composer and how the contract plays against the budget [for instance, if you don’t have a budget for an adequate composer fee, you might still get the composer you want on the project if you let them keep the publishing, but if the production company wants to own the music outright they will have to pay the composer a lot more]. You’ll also learn about spotting sessions and valuable resources offered by organizations like American Composers Forum and BMI. 

The talk will be moderated by Aaron C. Young, principle and founder of Young Entertainment Law, PLLC. 

Price: $15 regular/$10 IFP MN member 

Register Now 

Guest Speakers:

John Fields , Eric D. Howell, Blake Iverson, Andy Kotz, Alexandria (Alex) Mueller, Kelly Nathe, Michael Wandmacher 

Aaron C. Young (moderator)


Small victories... 

Thanks for the support everyone!! I had the 3rd highest votes/likes in the Synthmaster 2016 Contest!! I won the "Synthmaster Everything Bundle"!! VERY nice synth for EDM but I managed to place with a cinematic submission!! You could only use Synthmaster sounds (except for drums and percussion). Listen to my track "Desolution" (I'm listed as "John Kotz, my never-used first name!) by following the Soundcloud link below: 


"Begin With" placed on NBC Sports "Dakar 2017"... 

Multiple placements in Dakar 2017. This years route is starting in Paraguay to Bolivia and ending in Argentina. Dakar 2017 is currently being simulcast on NBC Sports digital cable and satellite station NBCSN. 

Resurgence (Kyle Booth) 
Absolution (Kyle Booth) 
Sunday (Nick Watson) 
Scream Breaker (Christopher Kus & Clarence E Kmf) 
Cosmic Rain (Christopher Kus & Clarence E Kmf) 
One More Chance (Christopher Kus & Clarence E Kmf) 
Begin With (Andy Kotz)

The track "Begin With" (available on iTunes here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/the-owned/id1101625675) is from the album "The Owned" that I composed for Revolt Production Music. Here's the album cover:

Blog history proving to be a lost cause... 

It has become increasingly difficult and annoying to say the least, trying to re-establish and re-create a previous website's blog!! So... I give up. Maybe it's for the better... a new, fresh start... 

Here's an series of image captured from the old AKMusic blog archive!:


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